David Teaching Sales & CRM

Note: This is the original video recorded from David’s explanation. This is somewhat similar to the unit I created – here.

Issue Log – 2024 07 13

Part 1 Part 2 David explains what needs to be upgraded Start time: 0.00 Skype got stopped and David could not access Skype afterwards (not sure why). We continued using Google Meet

Issue Log – 2024 07 09

I-0679 – Diyou: Photo Upload App Not working https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&mode=form&active_id=700 David explains how to upload mobile app ourselves Start time: 13.00 Command to upload /eas_upload.sh David Fixes Issue on Grafarna Start time:  19.00 David explains how to sync tables/columns to replica Start time:  25.00 David explains the new Ai Agent Start time:  29.12 David explains the … Read more

Issue Log – 2024 07 06

David explains to keep all the Test server outside Prod Server Start time: 0.00 Celovis move to test2 Start time: 34.00 In future, for any test db, just need to point it to the test server on cloudflare David answered Asad’s question Start time: 36.00 I-0672 – CronJob for Grouping AWB https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&mode=form&active_id=693 Start time: 42.00 … Read more

Issue Log – 2024 07 02

I-0683 – Diyou – Can’t transpile when login using Management & Super user profile https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&mode=form&active_id=704 Start time: 8.30 I-0682 – Inhension – Error message pop out https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&mode=form&active_id=703 Start time: 13.50 I-0681 – Inhension – Uploded images cannot be viewed https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&active_id=702&mode=form Start time: 23.00 David creates a separate Test Server Start time: 28.00

Issue Log – 2024 06 25

Part 1 Part 2 I-0678 – Inhension – Not able to view attached image for NPD dated 24/06/2024 onwards https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&mode=form&active_id=699 I-0679 – Diyou: Photo Upload App Not working https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&mode=form&active_id=700 Start time: 8.27 Not Fixed. David continues to update the system 28.05 Part 2 David shares updates on Ai agent

Issue Log – 2024 06 25

I-0674 – Export New is not working https://nfsoft.netforce.com/action?name=issue_tracker&project_code=SMARTB&active_tab=1&mode=form&active_id=695 David setting up access to backup database Start time: 15.00