Adding a User (and Profile)


Every company will have different people working in their own respective roles. Some are in finance and others are in procurement. Even within the same department, you may also have senior roles and junior roles E.g. Managers, supervisors and etc.

Hence, as far as a system (like SmartB) is concerned, they all should have different access.

A system profile is a profile that allow us to have different / more accesses in the system. You are allowed to set up different profiles in the same company but each user can only have 1 profile. Therefore, whenever we have a new client, remember to create the new system profiles for them, and get them to log in with that.


  1. Login to the system using admin account first, then go to the menu select general ->access-control -> user.
    • Note that “Access Control” has been hidden from many databases to prevent clients from adding users themselves. Hence, to find the user page, change the database url to “
  2. Select create a new user
  3. Once you enter the page, fill up the form and login with your login ID. To make a system profile, in the profile field select system admin and save it.
  4. After saving the profile, click on the option select reset password, then key in your password. That’s when you set password for your new system profile.

  5. Lastly logout from the admin account and login with your new account.

Note: Once you understand how to do the above, please create a user id for yourself in the main database – click here.

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