13. Tools for Working More Efficiently

Module 1Office/Desktop Automation
Unit 1Gmail Filters to Prevent your Emails getting into Spam 
Unit 2Creating Favourites 
Unit 3Sending a Scheduled Email 
Unit 4Turning Off Windows Automatic Update (Win 10) 
Unit 5Bookmarks and Speed Dial 
Module 2Software Download
Unit 1Download Clip2net 
Unit 2Skype for Meetings (For Developer) 
Unit 3Kumospace (Not used currently) 
Module 3Best Practices
Unit 1Using BCC in Emails 
Unit 2Notify Receiver (Afterwards) 
Unit 3Inform the Group if Can't Make it To Work 
Unit 4How to make this (task) faster? 
Unit 5How to Add Comp Stamp to PDF 
Unit 6Bitly (bitly.com) - Company Access 
Module 4Idea Management
Unit 1Idea Generation / Problem Solving 
Module 5Tools for Clients
Unit 1Remote Access Shortcut 
Unit 2AeroAdmin & AnyDesk 
Module 6Creating Videos for Sharing
Unit 1Introduction to Creating Videos 
Unit 2Vimeo Record – Screen and Webcam Recorder 
Unit 3Vimeo - Company Access 
Module 7Excel Training
Unit 1Excel Tutorial for New Joiners 
Unit 2Creating Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 
Unit 3Excel Short-cut Keys 
Unit 4How to Separate Text into different Columns 
Unit 5Working on Mirror Window 
Unit 6How to enable Macro file 
Unit 7Macro VBA from YouTube 
Unit 8"For Loop" for Excel VBA 
Module 8Improvement Projects
Unit 1Creating Upload Template List 
Module 9Creating Online Units (Membership Site) Guide
Unit 1Introduction to Online Academy (Membership site) 
Unit 26 Steps to creating an EFFECTIVE academy unit 
Unit 3Creating New Course Units on Membership Site 
Unit 4Adding Image into Membership site 
Unit 5Adding a Link to Online Academy 
Unit 6Creating Internal "Page Jumps" 
Unit 7Using a Case Converter 
Unit 8Create & Modify Modules 
Unit 9Assigning Units to Modules 
Unit 10Changing the Order of Course Units 
Unit 11Notify & Email Alwin 
Unit 12Update: How to set "open image in new tab"