02. Operational Guidelines

Module 1Introduction to OG
Unit 1Introduction to Operational Guidelines 
Module 2Onboarding Checklist
There are no units in this module.
Module 3Internal Admin
Unit 1Time/Discussion Blocks 
Unit 2Activities & Events Calendar for 2023 
Unit 3Process Improvement Day 
Unit 4Suggestions 
Unit 5Out of Office Reply 
Unit 6System Access Account 
Module 4Tools for Communication
Unit 1Microsoft Teams for External Use 
Unit 2Kumospace 
Module 5Role Based Checklist
Unit 1Onboarding Tasks Checklist for Backend Developers 
Unit 2Onboarding Tasks Checklist for Project Coordinator 
Unit 3Onboarding Tasks Checklist for Business Analyst 
Unit 4Onboarding Tasks Checklist for Frontend Developer 
Unit 5Onboarding Tasks Checklist for HR/ Admin role 
Module 6OG for Leaving SmartB
Unit 1Disconnect Google Drive 
Unit 2Turn On Responder (Gmail Auto Reply) 
Unit 3SmartB Gmail Account Handover 
Unit 4Disconnect SmartB team Clickup