09. Developer’s Hub (Frontend)

Human Resources

Module 1Page Builder - Mobile App
Unit 1Mobile Symbols and Icons 
Unit 2React Native Charts 
Unit 3Mobile Apps Example 
Module 2Page Builder - Web Pages
Unit 1Barcode Scanning for Page Builder 
Unit 2Field Settings - Automation File 
Unit 3Creating Internal Hyperlinks 
Unit 4David showing how to use Page Builder 
Unit 5Creating simple charts in page builder 
Unit 6Advanced: Dynamic Properties 
Unit 7Functions 
Unit 8Locking Custom Model 
Unit 9Checkpoint Function for Page Builder 
Module 3Desktop Software
Unit 1Desktop Software Guide 
Unit 2Recompile Desktop Software 
Unit 3Desktop Software: making models available both online and offline 
Unit 4Desktop App-to access to different database. 
Module 4Charts and Graphs
Unit 1Creating Custom Charts & Graphs 
Unit 2Grafana - Creating Charts 
Module 5Custom Functions
Unit 1Custom Functions 
Unit 2Auto Populate Fields using Model Code 
Unit 3Find and populate drop-downs with any field variables 
Module 6Pre-Defined Functions?
Unit 1Part 1- Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Editor JS 
Unit 2Part 2 - Pre- Defined Function 
Unit 3Output documentation of standard functions 
Unit 4Part 3 - Custom function in backend that use background task 
Module 7Investigation Tools
Unit 1Custom Model Console 
Unit 2System: Risk Management 
Unit 3Risk/ Threat List 
Module 8New Joiner's Training (Web & Mobile)
Unit 1Introduction to Mini Projects 
Unit 2Page Builder - Demo Project 
Unit 3Project 1 - Understanding the Basics 
Unit 4Project 2 - Product Form 
Module 9Developer's Hub (Frontend) Quiz
Unit 1Developer's Hub (Frontend) Quiz 
Module 10Backend Menu Modification
Unit 1How to modify or add item in backend menu from frontend custom menu