14. Personal Success

Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Introduction 
Unit 2Principals To Grow 
Module 2Motivation
Unit 1How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals 
Unit 2On Motivation - Fear Vs Inspiration 
Unit 3I Dreamed A Dream 
Unit 4Lessons from a Life | Guy Kawasaki | TEDxPaloAltoSalon 
Unit 5Raise Your Standards 
Unit 6Zach King: The storyteller in all of us 
Module 3Communicating with Clients
Unit 1Me No Confident Speak 
Unit 2Creating Amazing Responses 
Unit 3Ensure that Work is Shared 
Module 4Inspiration
Unit 1Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour Visionaries: Michelle Obama Interview 
Module 5Personal Growth
Unit 1Fail Forward 
Unit 2Connecting the Dots 
Unit 37 Habits of Highly Effective People 
Unit 4The Power of Asking Why 5 Times 
Unit 5Creating the Right Amount of Urgency 
Unit 6MasterClasses - Breaking GROWTH BARRIERS_Mark RICE 
Unit 7How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory 
Unit 8NLP Concepts Used in SmartB 
Module 6Personal Finance
Unit 1Socso Malaysia - What, Why & How It Affects You? 
Unit 2What Does The 6.40% EPF Dividend Mean To Your Savings? 
Unit 3Credit Cards - Good, Bad & Ugly 
Unit 4This JARS Money Management System Can Work Miracles For You 
Unit 5Multiply Your Money With This Simple Rule of Thumb 
Module 7Tech Knowledge
Unit 1Machine Learning at Work 
Unit 2The 7 Steps Of Machine Learning 
Unit 3Vistage Craig Rispin 2020 07 11 
Module 8Business Growth
Unit 1Organizational Health (Vistage ) 2020 04 11 
Unit 2Vistage - Accounting and finance tactics to survive and thrive 2020 04 20 
Unit 3Jim Collins on 3 core concepts leaders should embrace in crisis 
Unit 4Step by Step 12 Months Cash Flow 
Unit 5The #1 Method to Boost Cashflow, Value, and Profits by Alan Miltz 
Unit 6Your Future Strategy in the Corona Crisis 
Unit 7Corporate-Lifecycle by Adizes 
Unit 8Vistage with Simon Sinek 
Unit 9Future-Proof Your Talent Attraction Strategies Vistage 
Unit 10How to Increase Transferable Value (Vistage) 
Module 9SmartB's Performance
Unit 12020 YE Financial Performance Breakdown 
Module 10NLP for Growth
Unit 1What is NLP? 
Unit 2Preferred Representational System Indicator 
Unit 3NLP Communication Model 
Unit 4Representational Systems - VAKOG - NLP 
Unit 5Sandwich Model for Communication 
Unit 6NLP Chunking