15. Urban Wowzer

Module 1Zeox
Unit 1Updating Product Page 
Unit 2UW Roles & Responsibilities 
Module 2Process Documentation
Unit 1Purchase (Alibaba) Process 
Unit 2Sales Process 
Unit 3Creating Invoice and Payment for Shopee 
Unit 4Investigate Purchase In Transit Demo 
Unit 5How to Update Products (System) in Bulk 
Unit 6Product Margin - MACRO Excel 
Module 3E-Commerce (WordPress + Woo Commerce)
Unit 1Guide after Receiving Order in WooCommerce (TFC and Zeox.Asia) 
Unit 2Add Attributes for Upload Products 
Unit 3Upload Products 
Unit 4Create New Coupons 
Unit 5Export Data/Information into CSV 
Unit 6Return Process - Only for TFC 
Unit 7Administration Setting (Payment Gateway) 
Unit 8Administration Setting (Change the Shipping Option) 
Unit 9TablePress 
Unit 10Add/Change Email Setting for Notifications 
Unit 11DIVI (Change/Modify Layout) 
Unit 12Divi (Bug) 
Unit 13Divi (Upload New Font) 
Unit 14Stripe (Payment Gateway) 
Unit 15Tawk.To (Agent & Admin) 
Unit 16Tawk.To (Admin) 
Unit 17Applying Code for Customization 
Unit 18Folders (Media Management) 
Unit 19Mailchimp 
Unit 20WooCommerce Product Tabs (Custom Tabs Available on Zeox.Asia) 
Unit 21Member Point (Gratisfaction)- Only for TFC 
Unit 22Super Socialize - Only for TFC 
Unit 23Swatch