10. Project Management


Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Introduction to PM at SmartB 
Unit 2Project Lifecycle 
Module 2Key Responsibilities for the Project Coordinator
Unit 1Key Responsibilities Chart 
Module 3PM Related Training
Unit 1PMP Introduction Sharing (4 hrs) 
Unit 2Scrum Training 
Unit 3What is BPM and BPMN? 
Unit 4What is "Kanban" in Production? 
Module 4Database & System Related
Unit 1Frequently Used for Data Configurations 
Unit 2System Knowledge Sharing 
Module 5Project Management Related Tools
Unit 1Introduction to Draw.io 
Unit 2Project Planning, Project Updates, Project Timeline 
Module 6New Client -Setting Up
Unit 1Preparation Prior to Product Data Upload 
Unit 2Summary: Begin with the End in Mind 
Unit 3New Format for Quotation 
Module 7Project Documentation
Unit 1SmartB's Project Documentation Explained 
Module 8Risk Management : Things that Might Go Wrong
Unit 1Referral Chart 
Unit 2Requirement Study & High-Level Documentation (HLD) – L2C1 
Unit 3Identify Hardware Preparation - L2C2 
Unit 4Low-Level Documentation (LLD) – L2C2 
Unit 5Verify Stress Condition – L1C2 
Unit 6Finalize Design – L2C2 
Unit 7Hardware Ordering (To Purchase) & Setup – L2C2 
Unit 8Development – L2C2 
Unit 9Internal Testing / UX Approval – L2C1 
Unit 10Demo/Training – L2C2 
Unit 11User Acceptance Testing – L2C2 
Module 9Project Implementation
Unit 1Project Process Flow 
Unit 2Understanding UI / UX 
Unit 3Scenario Planning & Checking 
Unit 4When to say "NO"? 
Unit 5Secret to a Successful Project 
Unit 6Migration / Testing Day for Critical Functions 
Unit 7DOs and DON'Ts When Executing/Implementing Projects 
Unit 8Removing Test Data 
Unit 9Guide to Time Tracker 
Unit 10How to copy Web Theme to other DB 
Unit 11Fixing the Dark Background in Issue Log 
Unit 12Sending Daily Notification Emails 
Module 10Project Delivery
Unit 1Setting Up an Reporting Log Page for Client (to SmartB) 
Unit 2Running Numbers - Taking Care of It 
Unit 3Checking Business Documents (Part 1) 
Unit 4Checking Business Documents (Part 2) 
Unit 5Checking Business Documents (Part 3) 
Unit 6Checklist for Cleaning a Database 
Module 11Project Management Quiz
Unit 1Link to the Quiz