08. Developer’s Hub (Backend)

Module 1Introduction to the Backend Development in SmartB
Unit 1Backend Documentation 
Module 2Backend Access and API related
Unit 1API Document 
Unit 2PostgreSQL Setup (Seldom Used) 
Unit 3Guide to Back-end Access 
Unit 4API Integration with 3rd Party Software 
Module 3Tasks Related Checklist
Unit 1Checklist when Creating New Models 
Module 4Python Know-How
Unit 1Python Backend: Change default Model field's decimal places 
Unit 2Server: Restart Scripts 
Unit 3Docker: How to clear the logs properly for a Docker container? 
Unit 4David shows how to get back end script to only apply to specific db 
Unit 5How to avoid code mixed up between dev and prod environment 
Module 5Special Cases
Unit 1Shopee User Guide 
Unit 2Updating the UI of Prod2 Server 
Unit 3Cutting Stock Problem 
Unit 4Lazada Integration 
Unit 5PD3 Configuration 
Unit 6PD3 Process Flow 
Unit 7Development Framework 1 - 4MAT 
Unit 8Shopee Integration 
Module 6References
Unit 1Useful Links 
Unit 2Introduction to Vscode 
Unit 3SmartB-Dev-Team GitHub Account 
Unit 4Expo Account for Dev Team 
Unit 5Law Firms Case Management Tool 
Unit 6How to detaches all other user from tmux session 
Module 7SmartB Server
Unit 1Server Checking (Not used anymore) 
Module 8Developer’s Hub (Backend) Quiz
Unit 1Developer’s Hub (Backend) Quiz 
Module 9FAQ on Backend Server Management
There are no units in this module.
Module 10Managing Git Branches
Unit 1How we're managing git branches on test server and live server 
Module 11Mini Project (Backend)
Unit 1Mini Project: Employee Registration 
Unit 2Mini Project 2: Project Task Management