08. Developer’s Hub (Python)

Module 1Introduction to the Phyton Development
Unit 1Onboarding Tasks Checklist for Backend Developers 
Module 2Backend Access and API related
Unit 1API Document 
Unit 2PostgreSQL Setup (Seldom Used) 
Unit 3Guide to Back-end Access 
Unit 4API Integration with 3rd Party Software 
Module 3Development Framework
Unit 1Development Framework 1 - 4MAT 
Module 4Python Know-How
Unit 1Python Backend: Change default Model field's decimal places 
Unit 2Docker: How to clear the logs properly for a Docker container? 
Unit 3David shows how to get back end script to only apply to specific db 
Unit 4Server: Restart Scripts 
Module 5References
Unit 1Useful Links 
Unit 2Introduction to Vscode 
Unit 3SmartB-Dev-Team GitHub Account 
Unit 4Expo Account for Dev Team 
Module 6SmartB Server
Unit 1Server Checking (Not used anymore)