04. Sales & Marketing (Internal)

Module 1Introduction to Sales & Marketing
Unit 1Introduction to Sales 
Module 2ERP Sales Presentation
Unit 1Pain & Gain: Sales Deck Explained 
Unit 2Sales Deck: Areas to Focus On 
Unit 3Sales Deck 2024 03 
Module 3Sales Cycle
Unit 1SmartB Sales Cycle 
Unit 2Leads and Setting Up Appointment 
Unit 3Lead Generation: Tools and Strategy 
Unit 4Beginners Guide to Snail Mail Marketing 
Unit 5Lead Generation: Understanding Type of Leads and SmartB's Sweet Spot 
Unit 6Initial Contact: Script 
Module 4Increasing Your Sales Performance
Unit 1Initial Contact: Building Rapport 
Unit 2Belief Cycle: How Your Belief Affects Your Performance 
Unit 319 Sales Questions to Dive Deeper 
Module 5Digital Marketing Service
Unit 1New Client On-boarding 
Unit 2Task for Each Client 
Unit 3Smartlook Configuration Set Up 
Unit 4From Impression to Conversion 
Unit 5Google Analytics 
Unit 6Google Adsense 
Unit 7Google Account 
Unit 8Google Search Console 
Unit 9Page Speed Checking 
Unit 10Keywords Planning for Google Ads 
Unit 11Google Malaysia Sharing 
Unit 12Disabling Call Extension on Google Ads 
Module 6External Resources
Unit 1Stop closing sales and start providing value, or lose to price 
Unit 2How to Improve Your Sales Process and Increase Business 
Module 7Digital Marketing
Unit 1How WordPress Onboards New Users 
Unit 2A/B Split Test on OptimizePress 
Unit 3Understanding Content and How Google Ranks Your website 
Unit 4Teaching how to use OptimizePress - Product Page for Zeek 
Module 8Web Optimisation
There are no units in this module.
Module 9Sales Module for Internal Use
Unit 1David Teaching Sales & CRM 
Module 10IP2Location
Unit 1How to update IP2Location Database 
Module 11Mail Marketing
Unit 1Email Blasting with Mailchimp 
Module 12Content To Be Added by Alwin
There are no units in this module.
Module 13Sales and Marketing Quiz
Unit 1Sales & Marketing Quiz