06. Page Builder

Module 1Page Builder - Introduction
Unit 1Overview - What is the Page Builder? 
Unit 2Start with a User Perspective 
Module 2Page Builder - Print Document
Unit 1Introduction to Page Builder (Superuser) 
Unit 2Creating a Print Doc Using Page Builder 
Unit 3Display Print Doc 
Unit 4Floating Element for Page builder 
Unit 5Display Tax Amount Field 
Unit 6Troubleshooting Print Doc 
Unit 7Locking the Page Builder / Layout 
Unit 8Finding Page by Group 
Unit 9Number Formats for Page Builder Print Templates 
Unit 10Adding an Indirect/ Secondary Field to Page Builder 
Unit 11Repeated Header & Footer 
Module 3Charts and Graphs
Unit 1Creating Custom Charts & Graphs 
Unit 2Grafana - Creating Charts 
Module 4Knowledge Sharing (of System)
Unit 1System Knowledge Sharing