13. Admin Hub

Internal Use

Module 1Admin Guides
Unit 1Monthly list to do
Unit 2Bank Reconciliation/Matching
Unit 3Creating a New Joiner SmartB Email
Unit 4Touch N Go Expenses
Unit 5Preparing Reserve Payment
Unit 6Creating Google Adwords Invoice
Unit 7Subscription Invoices
Unit 8Salary Transaction
Unit 9Company Profile (ROC) - MyData SSM
Unit 10Difference Between WHT, Import Server Tax & Digital Tax
Unit 11Declaration of Service Tax on Imported Taxable Service (SST)
Unit 12WithHolding Tax (WHT) Payment
Unit 13Digital Tax
Unit 14Form E - LHDN
Unit 15E-Form LHDN
Unit 16CP8D
Unit 17UOB & SC Expenses & Statement
Module 2Basic Human Resources Module Setup
Unit 1Add New Department
Unit 2Add New Employee
Unit 3Creating Payroll
Module 3Accounting Related
Unit 1Year End Adjustments
Unit 2Shopee & Lazada Transaction
Unit 3Alibaba & Ezbuy Records
Unit 4UpWork Billing Download
Unit 5Landed Cost Vs PV Recon
Module 4Advance Human Resources Module Set Up
Unit 1Add Work Schedule
Module 5New Joiners On-boarding
Unit 1How to Add future Employee Folders Individually
Module 6Legal Related
Unit 1Debt Collection Process (Vistage)
Module 7Payroll Related
Unit 1Salary Calculation
Unit 2Salary Macro File
Unit 3Making EPF/SOCSO/SIP Payment
Unit 4Bank Reconciliation
Unit 5Add/Resignation Employee in PERKESO and SIP
Unit 6Using PCB Form (Not used anymore)
Unit 7How to Fill Up the PCB Form? (Not used anymore)
Unit 8Paying for PCB
Module 8Banking Guides
Unit 1Making Banking Payments
Unit 2Making Banking Payments using Alliance Bank
Unit 3Making Banking Payment using Ambank Bank
Unit 4Making Overseas Telegraphic Transfer
Unit 5Add new bank maker for Alliance Bank
Unit 6Change System Administrator for Bank
Unit 7Download Ambank Bank Statement
Unit 8Money Match Payment
Module 9Online Academy - Admin
Unit 1Adding New Members to Online Academy
Unit 2Resetting IP on Member's Site
Unit 3How To Prepare Issue Log OA
Module 10Hatch (Watch only if required)
Unit 1Hatch Invoice Print out
Unit 2Internet - TIME