Module 1Getting Started
Unit 1What's Next? 
Module 2Foundation 1 - Know the Digital / Tech Industry
Unit 1The 9 Pillars of Industry 4.0 
Unit 2How the Industry Embraces 4.0 
Unit 3IR4.0 Strategy - GE & PWC 
Unit 4How To Shape Digital Transformation for Operatonal Efficiency - by Bizagi 
Module 3Foundation 2 - Know the Manufacturing Industry
Unit 1What is the Automation Pyramid? 
Unit 2What is Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? 
Unit 3What is OEE? 
Unit 4SME SUNDAY SHARE #3 Digitise For Bussiness Continuity 
Unit 5Bill of Material (BOM) 
Module 4Understanding How Supply Chain works
Unit 1What is ERP? 
Unit 2What Is Inventory Management 
Unit 3What is a Purchase Order 
Unit 4What is Order Management System (OMS)? 
Unit 5How Pick and Pack Works in a Warehouse 
Module 5Digital Architect
Unit 1Architect Industry 4.0 
Module 6Manufacturing Quiz
Unit 1Manufacturing Industry Quiz 

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